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DonjoNet is a converged networking device where data, voice and mobility services are available from a single platform. It is capable of delivering secure, reliable and scalable WAN and LAN infrastructure. DonjoNet powerful, flexible and highly customizable software adds intelligence to networks and ensures optimized application delivery to users across the enterprise. This solution is based on open-source vendor neutral components, unified using Performant‘s unique distributed management framework. It is designed to operate on commercial-off-the-shelf (COTS) x86 hardware benefiting enterprises by the advances in computing architectures and associated cost.

DonjoNet‘s VirtualPresence feature combines complete FCAPS network management functions with in-depth monitoring and extensive reporting features. It provides complete fault, diagnostics, configuration, and performance management with alarm monitoring and indication, advanced network mapping, and powerful reporting. It views network management as a continuous process, to be maintained throughout the entire lifecycle. It also enables greater application reliability through its application intelligence, ensuring business continuity for branch offices and remote users. DonjoNet focuses on application security, network performance and management. It functions as a robust enterprise router with integrated stateful firewall and Quality of Service (QoS). It integrates all the essential enterprise applications such as e-mail, web server, file and print servers, VoIP gateway and IP-PBX along with gateway security functions such as stateful firewall, VPN. IDS/IPS, anti-virus and anti-spam services. It combines the network management functionalities with its in-depth monitoring and reporting features. DonjoNet enhances network functionality by application hosting, securing and managing the network. It is an alternative to the traditional, "special purpose hardware" approach to creating networks.

This solution unifies key networking functions into a modular platform that leverages general purpose hardware. General purpose computing hardware allows network and security devices to be upgraded to the latest high performance hardware at much lower costs and with less disruption. Compared to special purpose hardware, commercial off-the-shelf appliances provide cost-effective operation with greater levels of available support. DonjoNet Network or Business Gateway is designed to serve the networking and IT needs of today's SMB and Distributed Enterprises. From provisioning networking to IT services, at the head office or branch, DonjoNet solution brings complete security, reliable connectivity, pro-active manageability, and essential IT services to every user. To serve a network's needs DonjoNet brings together a powerful Firewall, IDS, Anti-Virus, Web Content Filter, Network Forensics, and VPN, enabling comprehensive security for every office and every employee. DonjoNet 's framework-based management interface unifies and simplifies the configuration and control of these diverse services.

DonjoNet can seamlessly stitch together any number of Broadband, MPLS, VSAT, V.35, E1/T1, ISDN, CDMA, and POTS connections. It also supports fail-over between any of these interfaces. For instance, Broadband to CDMA, VSAT to Broadband, or MPLS to ISDN. Locations where the network is hyper-critical, DonjoNet even does three-layered fail-over, that is, MPLS to Broadband to CDMA. With the support of advanced QoS feature, when the primary link goes down, business traffic gets highest priority on the secondary link. The pro-active alerting and monitoring built into DonjoNet makes sure that the IT team knows about any issue before the end-users do - calming the users, and reducing downtime.

Using DonjoNet across multiple locations the team can receive consolidated alerts and reports on usage and availability of resources - servers, routers, network links, or desktops. CIO-level reports can be configured on a weekly or a monthly basis, letting managers find systemic issues, and freeing up the mind-space to create long-term value. Enabling intuitive backups for network devices (laptop and desktop users), tracking all network resources, IT assets, PCs and software, configuring a separate email server, archiving and backing up emails can be enabled using DonjoNet with no additional hardware costs. DonjoNet also offers a unique Virtualization option, allowing you to run your standard Windows business application in a standard Windows environment, on top of the DonjoNet suite. This offers complete manageability of your application and your network in one package. For example you can maintain an image of the entire Windows and application bundle, and at any time you can switch to the original image.

DonjoNet 's ease of management reduces OpEx, and proactive management reduces downtime. All of these accounting to significant ROI and increased productivity. The DonjoNet User Interface acts as a user-friendly tool to configure and monitor the customer network to closely administer and monitor the network resources. DonjoNet vast and most reliable and secure feature-set enables efficient configuration of the customer network and network resources for reliable and resilient operations.


DonjoNet Features

Some of the features supported by DonjoNet are:
  • Robust enterprise router with integrated firewall capabilities like stateful packet inspection and intrusion detection and prevention system.
  • Seamless failover and load balancing between different ISP connections
  • Secure VPN tunnels (with authentication and encryption) to transport sensitive data across public networks.
  • Flow based management interface to classify traffic based on any combination of network, application, and content and user information to customize application delivery policies across the WAN.
  • Complete FCAPS network management functions with in-depth monitoring and extensive reporting features for remote administration of other SecuRites, network elements, and desktops.
  • Distributed management architecture that allows a network administrator to receive alarms and proactive alerts, anywhere anytime.
  • Open architecture that allows customization of services as per requirements of an enterprise, enabling a number of new and innovative solutions to be deployed and managed on the same platform. The standard interfaces also ensure that software components from different vendors work together smoothly and securely.
  • Application co-hosting and delivery with application manageability
  • Captive email and IM (text chat)
  • Voice over IP
  • Admin support like Boot support for thin clients, Data backup, etc
  • Non-migratable key to provide encryption services for data backup



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