About The Team

Performant Systems was born out of the ideas and brains of a team spanning more than 35+ man years of experience in Telecom, cloud, security and networking domain with organizations like Wipro, Infosys, Nortel Networks, Sourcebits, VisualIQ, Aleph labs. The idea of Security-as-a-Service offering world class enterprise level security through a scalable and flexible model of cloud delivery was born from the team's innate desire to make the lives of their customers easy and make security simple. Since its inception, Performant systems has been supported by Kerala start up mission and has been
recognized as a startup by Department of Industrial Policy and Promotion.

Derrick Sebastian

Co-Founder and CEO

Derrick is co-founder of Performant Systems. He is an entrepreneur and an innovator who is immensely focused on IoT and enterprise Security. An expert on security solutions and trends, Derrick has successfully conceptualized and implemented cloud based solutions for multiple industries. He has the ability to capture the in-depth enterprise needs and has experience delivering to global enterprise business requirements. Derrick heads operations at Performant Systems and also handles business development. Prior to starting performant Systems he was working with Wipro and Infosys as a consultant in Securities and capital markets. Derrick holds a Masters in Business Administration and has graduated from M.G University with a B.Tech in Information Technology.

Tom Antony

Co-Founder and COO

Tom is co-founder of Performant Systems. He leads the technology initiatives and keeps track of the new technologies in the Networking space. Tom brings enormous technology expertise and has over 12 years of experience in building scalable system architecture, highly secure banking, financial applications and consulting in mobility solutions. He has worked extensively in conceptualizing and developing mobility solutions and helped many customers to implement various enterprise level applications. Prior to Performant Systems, Tom has worked at Aleph Labs, Sourcebits and Reliance Industries as the technical architect building solutions for leading banks in APAC region.

Vipin Vikraman

Co-Founder and CTO

Vipin is co- founder of Performant Systems and technology enthusiast with over 12 years of ‘hands-on’ experience in designing and developing network security solutions for small and medium scale enteprises. He is leading a passionate team on building frameworks and components for Network Management Solution. Vipin loves to talk about technology and occasionally find time to help people in developing their skills by giving them technical training.

Raja Jacob

Vice President - Sales and Business Development

Raja, an ardent IT Professional, heads the sales initiatives of Performant Systems’ flagship product, DonjoNet. With over 15 years in the industry, Raja brings in a unique blend of technical, sales, marketing and administrative know-hows. He is experienced in international business operations and has undertaken B2B, B2C and Channel Sales, among others. He has worked with people from most parts of the world and has lived in India, UAE and Oman. An Engineer and Young Software Manager (YSM) by qualification, he revels in opportunities where he can be his creative best. If there’s a way to structure a win-win deal, he can most certainly come up with the requisite commercial modeling.